About our product

Leather motorcycle luggage, tank belts and clothing 
All products in our shop are made only of best quality leather. 
Nothing is made of split or similar second category leather. Leather is impregnated before cutting

Engine motorcycle crash bars and other steel parts

All mounting elements of the guards are laser-cut, no press or hand cutting.
The mounting elements are perfectly polished.
The welds are smoothed by a method which considerably limits its rusting and their design makes it more desirable to have the given look, as 
complete polishing of welds would not be justified.
Only thick-walled precise seamless pipes are used to make these crash bars.

Sissy bars

The backrests are produced of high quality metal with three layered chrome (copper, nickel, chrome)
All steel elements are polished to be glossy and coated with high-quality chrome.
All elements are made to fit – nothing needs to be bended, moreover the assembly on your bike will be a real pleasure.

Metal plate elements (luggage racks, backrests plates etc)

1. Made only of high quality steel – considerably more expensive than standard steel available on the market.
2. Mastered the signature polishing method of surfaces thanks to which our final elements have the mirror-like flat surface – the feature 
which is hard to be found on the market

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